This is the first post for “Over a pint of ale” and is intended to introduce the Blog and to give an idea of the sort of posts that are going to appear here.

The Blog is intended to complement the Travellers’ Corner, a human moderated┬áTravel Directory that is, effectively, my personal collection of travel websites and travel images. Both do, and will continue to, promote sites with which I am associated but not exclusively so, and hopefully done in a subtle way that does not detract from the rest of the content.

The Blog is going to allow me to write on travel-related topics that matter to me. These are not likely to be ‘Travelogues’ nor ‘Tips & advice’ – but are likely to be observations and musings based on what I have just realized is a ‘career’ of nearly 30 years being somewhere else other than my native UK. Not that all of that time has been spent abroad (significantly more than half has) but even within the UK much of the time was spent moving around.

Nowadays I do lead a fairly settled life. I have a house, a wife and two boys and am involved in a number of business ventures. The striking difference is that this is not the London I started out in back in 1984 but South China, a country I never really expected to visit nor to find so appealing.

In those 30 years the world has changed significantly, and so have I. Much that I did in my twenties I would not (could not) contemplate today. The reasons for that are not simply my ageing and will be explored during posts for sure.

Becoming a father has changed my outlook on many issues and also allows me to appreciate/consider my own upbringing in a different light. My boys are too young to be going off on their own yet but I have started to wonder if they will and, if so, what adventures they will have and what that will mean for them and their development.

Many good friends have been made (and lost) along the way and another category will look at the lighter-hearted side of travel; the good moments that make it all so worthwhile, even if the humour may only have become apparent at a later date. I have some of my old diaries to refer to and will be quoting some of the entries for sure, edited perhaps to remove any offensive bits written in the heat of a moment.

Many of the issues put forward will be my personal take but I would be delighted if that sparked off some discussion and allowed for a broader set of views. Perhaps I was always like that but certainly now, having been around a bit, I firmly believe in allowing for a number of different perspectives.

Thank you for getting this far. I hope you also enjoy whatever follows.